Tuesday, July 20, 2004

today.. :)

hey! well today was pretty good :-D i actually woke up at twelve woohoo go meee! i didnt really do anything except hang out hehe i watched the ASSISTANT!! omg i love that show so much andy dick has got to be the funniest man alive!! heather and i went on a bike ride (a veryyyy long one!) we ended up all the way by randhurst!!!!! we first went by lions and the wave pool but no one was really there, then we went to downtown mount prospect and we saw rachel @ subway and then we went in cuz heather had to go to the bathroom AGAIN haha then we went to like fairview and then prospect and then the place where we used to play softball when we were teeny! at prospect meadows! aww lol then we went to randhurst and walked around and we saw jeffrey gasphard!  well that was my day =D heehee. love ya